PATS For The Propeller-Heads

Lincoln Continental

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    May 8, 2005
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    I have had my share of Detroit Iron, but I’ve been away from the Stinkin’ Lincolns for a while now. I’ve been driving foreign luxury cars since the pre PATS days, but recently had the opportunity steal an absolutely cherry 2000 Continental at auction. It didn’t take long before I pulled out the key’s transponder in an attempt to learn a bit more of Ford’s antitheft solutions.

    The transponder is made by Texas Instruments under the TIRIS (Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System) name, with Strattec being one of a few manufactures of the PATS keys for Ford.

    Below are some pics and basic technical information for the curious. Anyone able to share a hack on these little gems or have any info on the E-PATS system – key bit size, hashing algorithm, applications, etc.?






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