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Dec 24, 2011
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Palm Springs, CA
I ordered a Dorman 603-207 coolant reservoir to replace the leaking one on my LS. The order went through fine and I received my item in around 4 days. Now the item was packaged in a smaller box inside of a bigger box. The bigger box was in great shape, no dents, rips, damage of any kind, but the small box inside looked like it had been stepped on. Not surprisingly I open the smaller box up to examine the reservoir and a mounting bracket is broken off rendering the reservoir useless. I send them an email since any attempt to contact them by phone at any point throughout the day results in some :q:q:q:qty music and a "all our representatives are busy, goodbye" hangup message. I received an autoresponse email that said I should expect a reply within 24-48 hours. Well 3 days later I receive and email that says I will get another email containing my RMA number in another 24-48 hours. At this point I am livid. It's clear that the box was not inspected at all before they sent it or it would have been blatantly obvious the contents were damaged. They got this damaged item from the Dorman warehouse and instead of sending it back decided to send it to a customer.

Well I shoot them off another email stating that I will be contacting my credit card company and reversing the purchase, then taking this box down to the post office and telling them it was erroneously shipped to me as I did not order a broken coolant reservoir. Well wouldnt you know I got an email first thing the next day saying they will have it picked up immediately, issue me a full refund, and give me free shipping on my next 2 purchases. Well it took a full week before the refund went through and even then it wasnt even a full refund as they still hit me for the shipping costs. So I just went ahead and ordered the same item on Amazon like I should have done in the first place.

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