Overdrive off light stuck on question

Lincoln Mark VIII

  1. Xcaliber

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    Oct 12, 2017
    i looked at a mint condition 1995 Mark VIII today...

    It seems to have zero issues except the o/d off light is stuck on. Car does not go into o/d.

    I read that the default is that you can not turn o/d off if the switch is broken.

    I have a Mark VIII as a daily driver... holding the switch down as if it was stuck as pressed does not make the o/d off light come on starting the car while pressed n held.. so I’m stumped..

    What would cause this? Has anyone felt with this? Does anyone know?The tranny seems to shift fine with the od off but no od.

    The car only has 62,000 miles.

    Is there some kind of sensor or does the car sense the od is bad and automatically turns it off?.. I’m wondering if it’s a tranny or sensor issue.( fixable )

    I’m stumped n looking for advise might grab the car Monday if I can figure it out.... it’s sat afternoon..

    Thanks a million
  2. capt fast

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    Mar 15, 2019
    check for transmission codes or PCM/ECM codes. almost everything electrical the transmission does is driven by the PCM/ECM.

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