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Dec 16, 2011
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Thinking about going from my 1995 Mark VIII to a 2001 LS with a manual transmission.

Don't know the mileage, but the price may be right.

Been seeing a lot of problems regarding coil packs, ball joints, and window motors/ misc electrical issues.

Looking for honest opinions regarding reliability and cost of repairs. I plan on it being my daily driver, not my toy to be under the hood with all the time.

All I can say is due your diligence about that specific example. Like with any other used car. But, if the oils changes cannot be documented, pass. Heading for tensioner issues if a lot of heavy sludge is in there. And that, gets time consuming and u have already stated u need the car daily.
Please keep in mind that the complainers and naysayers are talking, for the most part, about cars with at least 100 K miles and often 150K. Expect to have to replace coils and plugs, perhaps the cam cover gaskets, and perhaps the tensioners and guides. This is normal maintenance. I'm at 150K and still have all the original cooling parts. I have no indication that the tensioners and guides need attention yet.

I replaced the coils and plugs four years ago---at about 110K. I have a minor leak in my steering that requires a half-pint of Mercon every six weeks or so, and I need to get behind the steering wheel because my radio controls have quit.

My 2000 had 207,000 with all the original cooling parts (except for the degas bottle) original alternator, original starter, and the original tensioners and guides. If it were not my desire to have a fresh motor by choice, that engine would still be on the road with my complete trust. I put 104,000 on my car in 5 years but kept up on my preventative maintenance so it is possible to use one daily and not have issues. Just look closely before you leap. But if it is right, most here will agree that you will enjoy the car.

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