on long island looking for parts and events (brand new to lvc)

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    May 30, 2017
    long island ny
    Hey guys,
    veteran buy,fix,n sell car guy here. So in the past 2 months i managed to stumble into to rust free 03 lsv8 p.sports both totalling 1200dls.destressed sales IMG_0629.JPG IMG_0630.JPG . one on road allready and the other needs a lil attention did VCG put china coils, (mistake) returned to ebay. I will list some stuff im looking for and yes i do ebay and craigs but hoping for some local guys to chat up and pull reasorces! please hit me up if kinda local i also travel upstate on weekends..
    looking for
    throttle body n coils
    pass front lamp
    drivers rear outside door handle for ivory car..
    heres a couple of pics

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