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Mar 30, 2004
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I was at best buy the other day and i heard the customer ask for a power booster and an am/fm converter. It got my thinking, and i thought i would ask. I hope no one takes offense to this but i am curious. In the seventies my mom said she put in a fm radio and four six by nines in some boxes with extra wire in her 72 challenger so she could put them outside and listen to music while at a party. What kind of stereo modifications have you guys done in the seventies.
for me it was the late seventies & early eighties....

I remember 8 tracks, and had a few of them. Mostly had records. I didnt do too much to my cars, but I did build most of my home stereo from parts I found here and there. My speakers Were built by me and stood about 3 ft tall - and were about 2 1/2 ft wide - I had 4 12' woofers in each -- an amp/eq, tuner -- and had things set so that if I cranked it, the neighbors across the street couldnt talk on the phone :) AC/DC - Judas Priest, the scorpoins, ted nugent, were just a few of my favorites. I dont know how my parents survived.
Did Somebody Say OldSchool?

In the seventies, I was happy with 105(.3) WDAS FM, Philadelphia.
In the eighties, I just threw the portable player in the back seat.
In the nineties I was raising teenagers, burning a mortgage and burying a wife.
Today, it's either bone stock

or Sony's CDX-M8800

i was just a young pup during the 80s nevermind the 70s. so i guess im out of this thread.
I spent so much money on stereo equipment back in the late 70's early 80's it was ridiculous. There were about 8 of us that had to constantly one-up each other. I think it ended on this day.

We went to a Ted Nugent concert on the lakefront in Milwaukee. Parked under the Hoan Bridge which is like a giant amphitheater under there. 3 of us brought our speakers (Full size Home Speakers), 2 were Bose, 2 were Klipsh and I can't remember the other 2. Brought 3 batteries and hooked up 3 amps, each rated at that time at 200 watts/channel at .05 THD which was the best that could be bought at the time.

Started playing some Ted, drinking a QuarterBarrel. I mean come on, there were 5 of us and we didn't wan't to run out

We see these 4 guys running, I mean sprinting across the parking lot. They get to within a few hundred feet and stop.
Not the brightest light bulbs if you know what I mean.
Then they see the 6 speakers sitting on the roofs of the cars. They thought Ted had started a sound check and were missing out. We laughed our arse's off. Guys were from Chitown
but we still decided to party with them.

I am pretty sure most of my hearing loss
can be attributed to that day. Now I'm getting the bug to make the Mark alot louder.
Must be old age, or is that, mid-life crisis?
In the summer of '74 there was a recession and I couldn't find work in my trade as an electrician so I hooked up with the local stereo store to do car stereo installation. I cringe at how many dasboards I hacked in the name of good tunes.

One day my wife came home to find my 6'5" frame neatly tucked into the trunk of some Mopar hot rod and said "You'll need to find another line of work soon. Your body won't take much more of this!" Boy, was she right.


1956 Continental Mark II convertible
Ya, the stereos sucked that came from the factory back then so aftermarket was huge. Nobody had a stock system. I feel your back pain Barry. Can't tell you how many cars I crawled into, around, under, on top, you name it.

CaptainZilog "You still live near Chitown/Milwaukee MonsterMark? And what with the no love for Chitown". Don't you know that Joey is from Chicago? That's reason enough. LOL. I don't hate Chicago, I just hate having to go there once a week and driving through it. I don't know how people down there can stand it. If I am in a traffic jam for 5 minutes I go nuts. Besides that, do I really need to mention "DA BEARS" or "JordanAir". Man, everytime Chicago has a decent team, the bellering goes on and on down there. I am so glad the Pack have shut them up for the last 2 decades and that Jordan finally retired.

Yes, I live in the Milwaukee area. A suburbanite, so to speak.
I will never visit the Chicago area by car ever again. It took four hours to get to Chicago from Detroit and another two hours to get through Chicago at 10:00 am.

Although, I could spend the rest of my life on Michigan Avenue.


1956 Continental Mark II convertible
Yeha, I know Joey is from around here. Should be meeting him at the show on the 2nd of June. The traffic around here sucks, I'll give you that, but I like to cruise at 3am down I90/94 and then back up LSD. Nothing beats that.
I was building custom cars , in the late 60s and 70s .... In the 60s I had a 45 rpm record player hanging under the dash . It was very high end , had shocks built in so record would not jump tracks on minor bumps..A reverb on the rear deck , that used to go " boing" in the speakers , everytime you hit a bump.Never did figure how that worked , but it did , delayed sound to rear speakers using 3 coil springs suspended between posts , inline with speaker wires.. 2 12" speakers cut into the steel behind the rear seat . Had to retie seat springs so they wouldn't vibrate with the base. 2 6x9s in the rear deck , and 2 8" rounds built into the door panels , the radio was AM only. Fed the speakers through a switch , radio or record player. The car had a phone , GE .A 30lb transceiver in the trunk , you called a mobile operator and was hugely expensive , used mostly for show but it worked , paid a monthly fee just to have it...Then came 8 track players and amps ..... Wow I guess I dated myself here !!!
CaptainZilog said:
Yeha, I know Joey is from around here. Should be meeting him at the show on the 2nd of June. The traffic around here sucks, I'll give you that, but I like to cruise at 3am down I90/94 and then back up LSD. Nothing beats that.

:I Its the greatest thing -- in the night air, no traffic (not even cops), all the windows open, stereo blaring with Zepplin IV playing --------- Gotta love it!!!!!!!!! I make the circle -294 to 90 to lakeshore to 290 - back to 294 -------great way to unwind and forget everything else on the planet --------

Im looking forward to June 2 --- and I think Monstermark is even coming!! SHould be a blast!!!!!!
Topcat you probably could have had that thing on the cover of a magazine, thats a lot of custom, what kind of car was that in???

barry, where in michigan do you live???
I used to use the same Audiovox "in-dasher" am-fm 8-track with a realistic
EQ, and my house speakers in the backseat.
What was cool about was it fit in almost every car I owned until the late 80's.

I live in Farmington Hills and I own a business in Redford.


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