Oil leaking badly


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Jul 6, 2019
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East Tennessee
Another Mark hemorrhaging oil, I have an idea based on other posts as to where its coming from. Either the oil filter adapter housing gasket or whatever its called or the oil pressure sending unit or whatever its called, the little silver and black part that sits below the oil filter. I'm just wanting to make sure this is the gasket before I tackling this project tomorrow

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Seems to be correct. They make them with blue gasket and orange gasket. Many have said that the orange gasket was better but I don't remember their reason. There are many many write-ups on this and it is definitely not a fun job, whatsoever.
Yea it looked like it was gonna be a pain in the ass... That's for all your input the last couple days its been hella helpful and very much appreciated.
So to update I got him up on my buddies ramps he neglected to tell me we only had an hour to do the job cause he was gonna go over to his cousins to hang out, no big deal it gave me a chance to get him up in the air and get a good look at the leak at least and come up with a plan for the weekend after next to tear into it, his last experience with a car was a foxbody everything in the last decade and a half has been trucks he's never even seen a 4.6 before we bought Cap here. Anyway I took a few pictures to share. Oh and all that wetness is fresh oil from the last two weeks I put 3-4 quarts in the Thursday before last and another 2 in today.
Pretty nasty for sure. If it was my problem. I would disconnect the battery, get back under there with at least one can of easy start and 120 psi in an air line, spray the hell out of all that, brush where you can and quick hit it with the air to blow it clean. Repeat, until the area in question is relatively dry and clean.... no oil any where. Trust me, nothing works better or faster than Easy Start Either to lift oil off anything. Do a really short drive round the block, and take another look for a fresh drip. Change the oil filter before the cleaning. Nothing will run out of the car except whats in the filter its self since its way above the oil level. My son has an explorer and it was loosing oil just like yours and come to find out the oil filter seam had let go. The shop tech said its not all that rare as I thought to get a bad filter that leaks real bad.
I've changed the oil 4 times since it's been back on the road my wife drives 250 miles a week to and from work so I don't think its the filter I used a fram high particulate filter for the first 500 miles and changed the oil since it sat for 3 years. Then another fram high particulate filter 3k miles later I used a motorcraft filter with the third the one on now is mobil 1 and it'll be time for another oil the week after next so silver linings I guess
I really need an air compressor to blow anything clean maybe I can convince my wife to save up for one
I really need an air compressor to blow anything clean maybe I can convince my wife to save up for one
If you get one, don't bother with the cheapy oil less units. Get one with an oil sump. They last like 100 times longer and don't get so dam hot so fast like those hi rpm oil less jobs. Those oil less pumps get so hot so fast that even water/oil separators cant stop the condensation taking place in the tank. All they do is blow water vapor if you run any air tools for any short period of time and a paint gun, absolutely not. Pure junk.

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