Official LS OWNERS Picture Thread

Ok, because im an idiot, and I called Mark Chinese (not thats there's anything wrong with that)... here ya go...



Will be Married in August....
Glad to be able to put another face and LS together.

this whole time i thought you were black :shifty: lol idk why. I suppose my name throughs people off... It's a play on my last name, not that I'm a, it was I nickname I had growing up...... I mean I am black
Very cool, we went to our friends wedding out there last year.... Had a fn blast.
I am definitely getting it. The problem is all the 09 supercharged ones (which is what i want) are all beat up and not up to my liking.

Also, with all the money i am gonna be spending on the car, i want specific options and color combination.

Already have buyers for my car, so that won't be a problem. Just have to find the car i want, which could take a little bit of time - judging from my previous car buying habbits, 2-3 months.
For your viewing pleasure, maybe not what you thought. 22yo, 6'1" 265lbs and growing. "Yeah baby light weight!"

Had to crop a friend out of it.

Mid winter. "No-Shave November", "Don't Shave Decemeber", and about a day or two into "Just don't give a :q:q:q:q January"

And of course if you really need to know and wanna do some creepin' be my guest I'm on the ever popular Facebook and Twitter haha.
Jmtiseo, that's kind of exactly what I thought you'd look like. Your the first person I had right.
Blast it! It's funny, sometimes I read some of the stuff I post and I think, man I wonder what people reading this think the guy posting this looks like, well, there ya go.
As per mlaras suggestion:

5'9" 270 woot! Lol. 22 years old. 23 next month

Weird hat in the first picture but I like how it turned out (besides the stupid instigram crap)


Had not seen this thread before... but here we go.
The girlfriend loves driving the LS more than driving her car :cool::cool:

Haha I like this thread nice to put a face with the car...:D

This is me on a boring day in a hot ass kitchen



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