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Mar 3, 2012
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L.A. County
Hope everyone is well. On to the good stuff. So when coming to a complete stop I'd say from 10mph, like stop and go traffic, I'll get a grinding noise. I'd figured the brakes. What seems odd is that when I accelerate it happens again. Briefly. Its an 04 v8 105k. Changed upper control arms, both tie rod ends and stabilizer links on both sides, about 1.5 years ago. Got the power stop drill/slotted brake kit about 1.75 years ago. Pads are good. I'm thinking motor mount. Suggestions, advice, answers would be greatly appreciated.
maybe one of your calipers are getting hung up?
Thanks. Replaced them with the brake kit. Were rebuilt though. I'll have to check them. It doesn't pull to any side when braking at higher speeds. Know how I can check them?

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