no eldorado's?

Here Is My 1993 El-Dawg and I Love It To Death and I Can't Stop adding things on to Him

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Hello all. I was cruising the web for some info and ran across this site...

Anywho, theres some sweet rides in this thread. I'll post some of my 81 Eldorado this afternoon, but shes a WRECK right now... Not TOO bad, considering, but it sure needs some work... I also had a 79 Lincoln Continental Towncar until just recently, but I parted her out because she was becoming too much of a drag on the wallet :)
New Trade

Just traded my 1999 Suburban LT w/ 76,000 miles for this pearl white 1999 Cadillac ETC Biarrtiz (w/ 34,000 miles!!!)



Had to join the Eldo Owners

Lovin' the '99 ETC -Biarritz...

Lotsa Pep! :steering
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Is that sexy chrome along the windows and down the hood your doing or dealer?
It's all from the dealer.

The Dr. who previously owned it had the Biarriitz package done onsite along with a nice vermeulen Hollandia sunroof (nice addition, from Holland)
RazeOrc said:
I've got a 90 Eldorado with the vinyl top, been garaged her whole life and looks sweet washed & waxed but what she really needs is a full facelift ;)

How mant miles on your 90 El Dorado?

Planning on picking up a newer Eldo or an M8 in the very near future and i'll put some pics of them both then :)

BTW, I love the Angel Eye mod on both of those Eldos!
I've seen some kits up to $1,500... Any ideas of how one could do some kewl headlight mods (bright) but do it on a much tighter budget!?!? :eek2:
1500? If you do it yourself, it's only like $200, and maybe $600 otherwise.
Actually, I don't even think they have specific kits for the Eldo, most people just use an E36 beemer kit. I forget specifically, but I think you need to make custom brackets, reweld the fender, repaint it, fit the lights a little bit and then do some major cutting if you're putting in new signals, too.
Okay what about just making some BRIGHT modification...?

...Is it as simple as buying new headlights and foglights.

something bright like on Mercerdes and such...???

Any brand suggestions?
HID conversion kit? I don't know much about those, but I've heard discussion before, I know they're out there.
use the ebay young jedi and you too will know the power that it holds....

Ha ha ha, you can find just about anything on ebay, now whether or not it is good remains to be seen.
Is there a difference between the American Eldorado and the one made for Europe ?
mine is a 1992 ETC, which I bought in 1993 from a GM Executive in Antwerp
It's still mint and has 87000 miles. Doesn't leak, doesn't make funny noises and runs great, but I had to replace front and rear shocks, alternator, AC compressor and radiator (these parts costed me an arm and a leg in Belgium) but I still love to drive it
Uhh... I know the European STS had some different colored lighting on the outside. I don't quite remember -- but it's probably the same on the Eldo. Otherwise, everything should be the same.
Eldo in Belgium

Here are some pics of my 1992 Eldo ETC
Changed the lights in the back to US specs, as the European red/amber didn't look good, and gave not enough light at night, but now I drive without backup lights as they were incorporated in the rear lights.
Can anyone help me with an adress where I can find a set of used backup lights ?

Cadillac  030221 Kalmthout 02R.jpg

Cadillac  030221 Kalmthout 05R.jpg

Cadillac  030221 Kalmthout 10R.jpg

Cadillac  030221 Kalmthout 14R.jpg

Cadillac  030221 Kalmthout 15R.jpg
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