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May 8, 2004
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Tuxedo, NY
Just a quick question. I have a no crank problem with my 2000 LS V6 MT. I get nothing, no clicks no dimming lights.
The PATS is functioning correctly, slow flash before inserting the key, stays on for 3-4 seconds when I try cranking.
I swapped out the relay and got same result.
I checked voltages across the 85 and 86 terminals on the relay and got 12.6 volts when turning the key to crank.
Next I shorted 30 to 87 got a spark but no cranking or even a click from under the car. Then I measured current draw to pin 87 and got 11.5 amps.
No click from under the car. So I'm assuming the pinion or solenoid is sticking. Any way to lube them without removing the starter? Should I just wack it with a hammer and see if it works or bite the bullet and remove the starter and see if I can fix it?. Couldn't get under the car today will jack it up tomorrow and see what I can see then.
Why not diagnose it first?
There are three terminals on the back of the solenoid at the starter, "B", "S", and "M."

B should have battery voltage at all times, including when someone turns the key to start. Be sure to ground
your meter at the starter itself. If you don't have voltage, or you lose it, then you have a bad battery cable to the starter or a bad ground to the engine. The battery cable attaches to the main cable from the trunk, at the firewall on the passenger side. Check voltage there too.

S should have voltage anytime the key is turned to start. If it doesn't, then your problem is somewhere before the starter.

M should have voltage when the key is turned to start. If it doesn't (and the above two tests passed), then you have a bad solenoid. It only gets replaced with a new starter. If this test passed, then it is the starter that is bad.

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