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Feb 27, 2012
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Ok from wat i understand i have the 6 speaker (4 door f+r) and center dsp i understand all this i would like to hook up a loc and subs to my stock alpine in dash 6 disk i was told the easiest way is to go thru the pillar to the rear door speakers however i cant even find two sites on the net that give me a definite answer on what colors i need to patch into. Is there a possibility that there is a set in the deck from factory for easier hookup of deck speakers???. Which again unfortunatly i dont have wat am i 2 do. I have two lil ones so im not looking for glass breaking sound i jus want some thump i have 2 kenwood 12's with a kenwiid 800w amp readt to pound
Easiest or at least what I did was get yourself a line out put convertor box. I got mine in the trunk hooked up to one of the back speakers. Easy to run the rca then too

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