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  1. Badazz2001LS

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    Apr 16, 2020
    Huntington, wv
    I'm a new member of this forum but definitely not new to the lincoln seen. I've owned a lot of Lincolns over the years. At present I've owned 4 Mark 7s, 3 Mark 5s, 6 continental's, and now 7 Lincoln LSs...
    This is my latest find. And I just have got to say thank you Lincoln for problematic attitude having cars because I can attest that these cars are easy to diagnose and easy to fix. Every one I have had always has overheating issues because of a cracked thermostat housing running it low enough on coolant that a bubble forms and if you dont know how to burp these things you think its gonna be an issue. Fact.. most lincolns are owned by people that cannot afford to go to a dealership to have them fixed. Fact, most of the lincolns you'll encounter have brand new coolant parts on them. Fact, just because you replace the part it wont fix the air in line issue. Fact, frustration is my best friend. If they spend all this money on the parts to fix it and it doesn't the "mechanic" will push it on the "blown head gaskets" problem. No water in oil, no blown head gasket.
    I just bought this clean LS for $250 as junk.. I of course knew what the issue was right off. I offered help and the man simply said, "Just take it away! I've sunk $500 into it I'll never see again.." I took the car bought a DCC valve for it, the only thing he didn't replace.burped the line checked the aux pump and fan and replaced the temp sensor just because and boom, the lincoln gods smiled on me yet again. I took it back to the man and showed him what I done and offered the car back for the same 250 and the parts and labor and he shook his head and said, "No, shes yours. But can we go for a ride. I never got to. " I handed him the keys and let him drive..
    True Story..


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    • AmsterDutch

      AmsterDutch Dedicated LVC Member

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      Jul 9, 2017
      It's truly amazing how little ppl know about the Lincoln LS...and it usually just wants a healthy coolant system...clean 5w-20 COP's and plugs and a well maintained suspension..The LS is beautiful ...I have an ebony LSE ...will always believe the best looking color
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      • Svets96

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        Jul 18, 2005
        North East Ohio
        Welcome to the forum. Cool story and LS, you'll get the car where you want it soon. Glad people are fixing them and giving these cars the attention and life they deserve.
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