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Apr 12, 2007
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Pics Of The Ls Washed

LS NEW PICS 001.jpg

LS NEW PICS 002.jpg

LS NEW PICS 003.jpg

LS NEW PICS 004.jpg

LS NEW PICS 006.jpg

LS NEW PICS 007.jpg

LS NEW PICS 008.jpg

LS NEW PICS 011.jpg

LS NEW PICS 012.jpg

LS NEW PICS 015.jpg
Looks good, any pictures from it farther away, I wanna take it all in.
Here's a website if your interested in filling in the bumper holes from the front license plate:

My boss put these on his BMW and it gives a stock look.
While washing his car - he broke one of the plugs, then called the guy who sold it to him and the broken plug was replaced for free (even the shipping.)
looks clean. but we really cant see the car. it looks as though it looks good. lets get some distant pics so we can see the whole car.
looks good - nice choice of wheels with the silver paint too
A very distinctive ride. Very nice.
I also like the wheels.
I would like to know which springs you used as well, because I have to be VERY carefull where I drive, so I dont bottom.
Just a thot, the roof paint could use a finishing pin stripe, of some sort...just my opinion...
i think everything looks fine.. he might be rubbing a bit but if he rolls his fenders he should be fine..
I dont think he would rub at all unless hes doing something dumb that you shouldnt be doing with a car anyways. There is more than enough space in these fenders for a good drop!
It is hot....
If I had any money...I would get wheels that are offset very nearly to what he shows in the pics. The only thing I dont like that much on my lowered LS, is how far the tires are tucked inside of the fender line....oh well...:cool:
To everyone who likes it thank you. As for the questions asked the car does drive everyday my wife is the one who drives it the most i am inthe mustang most of the time. The car does rub when theres someone in the back but its not that bad. The fenders have been rolled i did them at JR Performance bangin knows about that place they have a really cool machine to roll the fenders, but the problem is that am getting most of the rubbing from the rear right in front of thye door not much i can do there. The srings are sprints with an inch cut off, it actually drives and handles great but am not big on fast driving so i really havent put the handeling to the test. I did the roof black because my friend who owns the wheels company (sevasforged) does all his company cars like that and i thought it would look nice. The offset was a pain in the ass to get it to fit especially in the back. Oh and as for pics from a little further back ill will get those asap the thing is once i cropped them i loose like half the picture. Once again thanks for all the nice things siad.
looks good man. What size are those rims. I'm trying to figure out if I want to put 20's or 18's on mine
That looks so hot :D :D I used the same springs and im so happy with them. A lot of people think lowering on 20’s is a real bad idea I would do it again in a second it makes the car look so much better. The only time I rub is going over a big bump and my front tires hit the inside of my wheel wells. If you lower on the wrong offset you will rub all the time.
Looks good..but for ME..rubbing isnt acceptable on my car under any conditions. To me, that means something isnt right.
But again..the car looks sharp, and love those wheels.
That looks sick? What offset are those? I know most people say 40+ is good. The rims I really would like are +38. Would that be ok? Thanks
The front offset is 25+ 8.5 wide the front tire is 245-35-20 i got 25 offset so the wheels would be flush with the car not so far in. The back is 40+ offset 10" wide the back tires are 275-30-20. I dont think you should have a big problem with a 38 offset but it all depends on how wide the wheel is but most 18" and 20" wheels are usually 8" wide. what kind of wheels is it that you want.
Good to know. Velocity makes a few designs I like and they are pretty cheap. They are 20 x 8.5 +38 so I think I should be ok.

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