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    Jul 8, 2019

    Since 93 I have owned 6 Marks and I have 3 98's right now. While I like these cars, the real reason is the Mark VIII is the last 2-dr I have ever found that can accommodate me and my wheelchair in the back seat. The world apparently thinks I should drive a converted mini-van and I would rather not. So keeping my Mark VIII's running and in as good of condition as possible is my priority. Now two Marks are fairly low mileage cars 8k on a collectors edition, 28k on the Vortec supercharged LSC and 80k on an LSC that right now is resting and likely to become a parts car. Finding people or shops that have any skill set remaining on Marks VIII is becoming more challenging and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions in the Chicago area for some remaining talent? Both low mileage cars as near perfect and I would like to keep them as original as possible - well except for the Vortec car which aside from the performance stuff is stocks, looks stock the blower just whistles a bit and it runs really good... :)

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