New Mark VIII Owner reporting in, '98 LSC in Toreador Red

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  1. Blaxmith

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    May 29, 2017
    SF Bay Area

    My name is Pete, I'm from the SF Bay and I just purchased my second car ever, the first one being a MB 300D Turbodiesel which has a 4 speed manual.

    I've been lusting after a 98 LSC for a while now and noticed that recently a lot have been on craigslist. I decided to go see check some out and take them on a test drive. I drove this one and made an offer so now I have a "new" car!

    It needs work like a new windshield, fresh suspension bits, a quiter exhaust set up, headlights fixed, neon tail light fixed, driver seat motor and sunroof motor... other than that drives great and looks good overall. 140k miles, the tranny fluid isnt brown. Can't wait to give her some love.

    I am totally new to this type of engine so what kind of things would be the best in terms of performance modding? Just curious! :p

    That's my good friend Matt sitting in the car.
    20170603_122120_HDR.jpg 20170603_122204_HDR.jpg

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  2. Svets96

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    Jul 18, 2005
    North East Ohio
    Nice score on the Mark VIII!

    Suspension you could look at MOOG for instance they have grease fittings. Look at Glitch for the balast in the neon tail light.

    Super Coupe Performance and Temple Performance as well as Ebay, Amazon, and JC Whitney have resto parts for the Mark VIII.

    You can go nuts with this motor for performance. You can add a supercharger like Vortech, Procharger, even a Kenne Bell roots type on top the manifold. Ford put the InTech V8 in the Mustang Cobra so which ever parts can go on the Cobra motor can pretty much go onto the Mark VIII.

    Search for a member LSCVIP on this website and search for him on Youtube watch all his vids his Mark VIII is absolutely gorgeous. His vids can give you an idea on what to do with modding your car.

    You can place historic plates on the Mark VIII and have collector car insurance through Hagerty many have done this. If I were you look at becoming a member of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club LCOC its $48.00 a year. You get many benefits and a quarterly magazine plus Ford X-Plan discount on a new Ford or Lincoln. They have car show events and club events too.

    Congrats on the purchase and happy motoring.
  3. mach1

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    Jun 1, 2012
    I have a new neon rear tail-light in pristine condition and will never get one like this again so I am keeping it for myself you can pay for it for $466, and it is white. - MACH 1.

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