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    Aug 16, 2020
    North Texas
    Well I have had many lincolns old and not so old,most recent Mark VIII's,Just pick up this little cream puff here in texas 71K 2004,LS,absolute pleasure to drive,so I be on here for awhile bought for extra car basic weekend driver,Hello To All linc1.jpg linc2.jpg lincoln.jpg
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    • Svets96

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      Jul 18, 2005
      North East Ohio
      Welcome to LVC TGR.

      You'll find a lot of helpful people and knowledge/info for your LS. It is truly getting to be a classic. LVC is a wonderful site and resource. I love it here.

      Your LS is very beautiful. Love that color green! It definitely is a gem for sure. Take care of it.

      If you would like to check out Lincoln and Continental Owners Club (LCOC) it is a club of Lincoln owners. Its $48.00 a yr. You get a magazine, there are fellow Lincoln owner car meets all over the country. Best of all you get Ford X-Plan Discount on any new Ford or Lincoln whether you buy or lease. Check it out: Home - Lincoln & Continental Owners Club

      Happy and safe cruising.


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