New heater problem....

Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Well, the AC no longer mixes heat to hold set temp in the car. A year ago I posted the blend door fix and rod mod and those are working fine, moving the lower blend door back & forth with the settings The heater core pipes are hot and I flushed them just to make sure there was no blockage. One guy on here years ago had the same issue and found the upper blend door was broken. He didn't say much about exactly how he went about getting at it and the particular method of fix. Boy, a picture would have been a HUGE plus but no.
    So I hit Ebay up for an entire AC/heat air box with all the parts. Only $110 shipped. I figure I can peel that box apart first and see exactly what on the upper blend door can possible fail before I may have to remove the dash. I soooo not look forward to that. So maybe I can rig a "hole" fix of sorts. Maybe.....

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