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  1. Nukills

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    May 12, 2016
    Hello brethren. I have an 01 LS V8. I have been a member for some time just don't get on here much. I find a whole lot of useful advice and info on here. I am on my 4th LS in about seven years and not because they are not great cars. My 1st was an 01 V6 purchased needing a motor so I put one in then let my daughter used it for school which turned into basically her car. Then I bought another 00 V8 which needed fuel pump. So after my daughter wrecked the V6 I reluctantly let her take the V8 which eventually mysteriously crapped out.
    During ownership of my second one I purchased another for a great price which needed a few minor parts I was able to salvage from the wrecked V6. It was bought to resell which I did. Now I'm on my fourth which will remain in my custody and care. I do all the work myself and am looking forward to returning all the great support I have received from the great people here on LvsC. Thanks.
  2. Svets96

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    Jul 18, 2005
    North East Ohio
    Welcome back!! Good to hear your still on LVC.

    Congrats on the newly purchased LS. I have a feeling this one will be with you for along time.


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