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Mar 30, 2004
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I was hanging out with some friends, when we come upon a gentleman slapping his woman around. We stop to have a chat with him a little man to man you know. Well after she picks herself up off of the ground and we get him on the wall, she begins to attack us. "I love him leave him alone" . We all look at each other in complete shock. She is punching us, this is unbelieveable. We dont want to hit a woman.

We take him off of the wall, i personally dusted off his shirt and wispered in his ear, beat the s*&% out of her she likes it.

I was sooooooooooo p($$#@ off. She was all bruised up and defended him. It took her a few minutes to get off of the ground. Anyone else bother to be chivalrous lately. Because i sure as h$## regretted it.

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and then women dont understand why we have this confused look on our faces most of the time. Geeze.

I actually went through the exact same thing once in front of a convienance store. Except the guy made the fatal error to actually take a swing at me. (I ducked and he missed) After he hit the ground (im a one punch kinda guy) she came running over yelling "dont hurt him, he didnt mean it--Let him go! Let him go!" She then drove him away leaving me standing there to explain everything to the cops.

The people at the convienance store STILL talk about it when I come in.

But I dont get it either. Sometimes, some women make no sense whatsoever.
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I think you guys rock to have stepped in and defended these women. :cool: It's just really tragic when women have no self-worth or self-esteem to fight back or leave and make something better of themselves, especially if there are children involved.

i knew girls like this growing up. guys would cheat, physical abuse, verbal abuse, but they still loved them and run back to them.. just makes you wonder what their reasoning is in their heads.

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