neon ballast light bar replacement

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  1. billy bronco

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    Oct 28, 2016
    dona ana
    Hi MK-8 Affectionados

    Does anyone know of a reputable co. etc. that can offer a hi & low power rear light bar replacement ballast besides this neon steve guy?

    Greatly appreciate any info.

    BTW, you can now put your MK-8's air suspension operational, for under $1K via Auto Zone (front air springs lifetime warranty) about $384.00 pair, and rear air springs by Arnott $120 each and all 4 air spring solenoids $19.95 each by Arnott,made in USA,lifetime warranty,and they offer a lot more. So now all you MK 8 lovers, can have that great ride etc. for less than a grand plus labor. Why settle for a Mustang like ride anymore, when you now can have the very best for dirt cheap. right ON! Salvation is here for those who love their comfort! And dirt cheap now, compared to old prices of about $1K per air spring. My 97 is now undergoing the back to original. I'll let you all know how it went in about 2-3 weeks. My great shop only charges $50 hr. so,my cost for this fix,will be lower,unless you like to do these things yourself. Can't wait, to see,if car lowers 1 inch at 50 mph,as I told the head tech. it'd better drop its pants at 50 mph,or somethings not right!

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    Jul 6, 2005
    East Hartford
    Steve sells new ballast, other than that used ones are out there for sale. Arnott solenoids wont fit into some air shocks/bags. The tab that holds them in can be trimmed to fit. I bought Arnott front and rears, and glad I got rid of them.

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