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Oct 8, 2014
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central texas
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Serious about passing the Mark on to people that are into this car- drive it or use her to keep Your ride moving. Make an offer.

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII. Had her for 15 years; put 100,000+ miles on her as a daily/weekly driver (airport car.). Now I’ve got the ‘05 Navigator for that duty plus towing. Wish the Nav got the Mark’s gas mileage….

Body solid. Minors dents/dings. Suspension has been modded with springs and shocks, Moog poly bushings where needed- aligned, drives straight, good ride. No bags. No codes. Prior owner apparently chipped the computer; doesn’t seem to have a top speed governor and is quick- had her out to 140+ several times on Texas highways in the early morning commutes to Dallas with little traffic out.
212+k miles, doesn’t use oil. Trans good. Rear good. Cold a/c. Tagged and registered. Clear title.

Fresh tires, brakes. All the lights work, including the rear fluorescent light bar. Spare parts.

What’s been done: new fuel pump, fuel filter, working VCRM as of last week. Got fuel sender working again. Morimoto HIDs. Fresh oil change. Fresh battery. Really hasn’t needed much over the years to keep it running and safe/inspected. I fixed, replaced what broke. If it wasn’t obtainable, I fabbed/modified to get it working- like the headlights.

Not so good: paint faded from Texas sun- the garage is full with the good paint jobs on my other cars/play toys. Interior is worn, scruffy. Headlight covers need more work- hazy again. Seat motors slow. Parking brake works- but have to reach behind the pedal and pull the cable to release it…I have an understanding inspector($). The manual release disintegrated. I wire the blend door to heat for the winter, push the lever back for cold air in summer….Pukes a couple tablespoons of oil out the filter housing in the winter until it warms up- not enough to add any oil back between oil changes. Nothing much in the summer.

The darned thing is reliable. Good for driving daily- or parts for your prettier ride.

Hate to let it sit; hate worse letting it go to someone who isn’t all in on the Mark VIII’s. Not for kids with all that speed; not for the mechanically un-inclined either.

Didn’t pay much in ‘08 for her, don’t want much now- $2,000. Bring cash.

More pics, just ask. (254) 577-0111; call, text.




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