Need wiring diagrams for early 87 TC gauge cluster and another for an 88


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Sep 11, 2016
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Southern RI
Hi all I recently pulled off a gauge cluster from an 88 town car I found in a pick and pull to use in my 1987. Unfortunately thinking that it would just be plug-and-play I took out my gauge cluster and put in the one from the 88 only to discover that the wiring in the pins was different.

Now in order to use the 88 I know I need to re-pin the connector in my car but I do not have either of the cluster wiring diagrams available. I know that if I can look at both diagrams I will be able to re-pin my cars plug to be able to work properly with the cluster from the 88. If anyone has access to either these it would be much appreciated. Just trying to keep an old girl functional.

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