need new headlights and or taillights


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Jul 12, 2009
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mine look pretty rought dont want to keep using headlight restoration kits i just want some better looking ones does anyone have some or know where to get some for god price?
Did you know that the Lincoln Continental headlight and tail light shapes changed with generations? Yes, I know, I was as shocked as you when I found that out. Who'd have thunk it?

Our crystal ball is fuxxored up, so we can't tell WTF year you have. How about you put a little more effort in your posts and include the damned year?!

We loaned out our baby spoon to another forum for the week.
lol frogman is funny!!!:eek: my mistake its a 2000 lincoln continental and i found some headlights so all i need is some taillights, thanks
Seen some nice one on ebay every now and then for good prices.

Also this guy gets a award for being the first new guy not to fall for frogmans trolling, LMFAO FAIL. Frogman that was funny as shiit, nice one :)

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