My Super Bowl Trip.... Behind the Scenes


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Jul 4, 2005
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I forgot to post these. I worked the Super Bowl this year. I got to go where only few people outside the NFL get to experience. Media day, the practice fields, locker rooms, gameday prep, post game shake down, airport, hotel, etc.... Enjoy the pics.

SB 01.jpg

SB 02.jpg

SB 03.jpg

SB 04.jpg

SB 05.jpg

SB 06.jpg

SB 07.jpg

SB 09.jpg

SB 25.jpg

SB 26.jpg
Media day on the field. If I wanted too, I could have asked questions.:rolleyes:

SB media day 08.jpg

SB 10.jpg

Sb 11.jpg

SB 12.jpg

SB 13.jpg

SB 14.jpg

SB 15.jpg

SB 16.jpg

SB 17.jpg

SB 19.jpg
These are shots from the airport picking up the team. We had to park on the tarmac.

Shots of my truck coming out of the tunnel at the stadium. Me driving or course.

Shots of my truck at the stadium.

Last shot. Skid of footballs from the Wilson distribution center in Nashville Tn. I had to run down from Indy to Nashville and back to get them. Delivered them to the NFL offices downtown 12:30am at night.

Truck 01.jpg

Truck 02.jpg

Truck 03.jpg

Truck 05.jpg

Truck 06.jpg

Truck 07.jpg

Truck 08.jpg

Truck 09.jpg

Truck 10.jpg

SB footballs 1.jpg
Met Artie Lange. Great guy. Walked with him for three blocks. Guy was killing me. I was laughing so hard my side hurt.

I was drafted #1 by the Steelers. Guess they heard about my mad skillz.:rolleyes:

What they play for.:eek:

Giants hotel outside............... And inside.

Artie Lange & us.jpg

Drafted 01.jpg

Vince Lamberty Trophy.jpg

Rings 01.jpg

Rings 02.jpg

Rings 03.jpg

Rings 04.jpg

Giants hotel outside.jpg

Giants hotel inside 02.jpg

Giants hotel inside.jpg
I got to work with the Giants and there staff. Behind the scenes shots you will never see or get.

Giants practice field. Had to hual there gear from the practice site to the stadium on saturday before the game.

Thats right.:D I am holding the actual game winning jersey and pads that Bardshaw was wearing, when he scored the game winning touchdown.

Saturday at the stadium.


Giants 03.jpg

Giants gear 01.jpg

Giants 01.jpg

Giants 02.jpg

Giants 04.jpg

Gameday 01.jpg

Halftime custumes.jpg

Halftime show 01.jpg

Halftime show 02.jpg

Halftime show 03.jpg
I spent the entire game outside the Giants locker room. Saw a few of the players come in for treatment for injuries.

After the game, we loaded up ALL of the Giants game gear into my truck. The Giants contracted me to hual ALL of there gear to the airport. I had to sleep on the tarmac and unload my truck the next morning.

I was so busy. I nly got one picture of the postgame stuff. Field shot of people rolling around in the confeti.

Shots of the Giants gear in my truck. Took me a month to get all the confeti out of it.

Post game.jpg

Giants gear 02.jpg

Giants gear 04.jpg

SB 31.jpg
Being a huge Giants fan and also an Artie Lang fan, that looks amazing. Was Artie wasted in that pic?
Awesome! I would have been more stoked about meeting Artie. I loved him on stern & miss him. Oh & I freaking Hate the giants
Nice that's some real good access (understatement). One problem with the whole Superbowl and pics. The Pats lost the game.
Tell you what. Brady was lucky he received his gear for the game. They needed another truck on friday to get the Pats gear to the staduim. I jumped at the chance. Anyway, I get to the Colts practice faculity. Where the Pats have been training all week. I help the guys load up the gear. Next thing I know. I am holding #12's gear bag.:rolleyes: HMMMMM...... I wonder if anyone would notice it MISSING?????????:shifty: I figure I could have gotten a good price on Ebay.:lol:

Accept for friday, I didn't deal with the Pats. Some of our guys said the Pats staff were VERY disrepectful and rude to our crews and the Colts staff. I do know for a FACT. The Pats were so paraoid. They took the keys to our two trucks they were using to haul thier gear. And put thier own locks on the EMPTY trucks at the stadium.:rolleyes:

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