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Oct 6, 2021
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Recently purchased my 4th Lincoln, a ‘98 Mark VIII LSC. The car is beautiful pearl white, runs and drives great, and has every option except a cd changer (even though the radio has a CD button). I have two questions, first, what work should be done on the car to be certain it’s safe and dependable at 23 years of age, and second, where can a guy shop for the cd changer ? Thanks.
I would make sure the oil and filter are changed, along with brake fluid and coolant. Rear diff fluid service too. Check brakes out, rotors, pads, any sticky calipers ect. Get new tires if they seem to have a shimmy or have abnormal wear, cracking.

Electronics, windows go up and down efficiently..

Air suspension (If it still has original layout) hold air and won't sag..

Sway bar bushings cracked..

How old is the fuel? Might have to drain and put fresh.

All the lights light up..

Rear neon light up.. if not a glitch ballast will help. They are still attainable.

Here are some Ebay searches for your CD changer: 1998 mark viii cd changer | eBay

Hope this helps you out. Others will chime in shortly!

And Welcome to LVC!! You'll love it here.

Thanks very much ! So far oil/filter, coolant flush, serpentine belt and tensioner pulley, tires and undercoating, brake check are done. Air suspension, electronics are all checked out. I had a problem with the fuel door not opening remotely but solved the problem with a little motor oil on the latch. Differential maintenance and updating struts, sway bar bushings, shocks, alignment, and replacing some of the exhaust system hopefully all before next summer. I will check your source for the CD player. Thanks again. BF5CB488-3AF4-4865-B85D-244079F16B48.jpeg
Great to hear everything checked out good.

That is a very clean and pristine Mark VIII !

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