my little baby boy is no longer a baby!!


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Nov 15, 2006
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Palm Harbor FL
well techincally he is, but he's an 8 month old now. i made a post back when he was born, but he's turning into a monster now, and he's got his first 2 teeth coming in at the same time! how cute is this kid lol. theres a pic with him and his big sis too ( she just turned 6 ) these kids are my life!!

just a few hours old here:


and now 8 months later, he's 28 lbs and wearing 12-18 month old clothes and growing out of them fast too!!



Their great looking kids! God bless them! I miss my boy and girl as babies. Their now 35 and 34 :eek: ..but I do have a 2 yr old grand son :D
I know the feeling. My son is now 19 months old. It feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital holdin him as we watched Italy win the world cup. It was a great day son born in the am Italy winnin the cup in the afternoon.
Teething is a blast huh.
Yeah my oldest is 22 months now. Youngest is 5 months. It's crazy how fast they grow. I prefer the older age though. My two year old is a blast, and is getting very smart.

Just wait for the walking to commence. You shall never have peace again...

My mom said it best. "When they're young, all you want them to do is walk and talk. When they get older, you just wish they would sit down and shut up." So true.
cute kids man. youre a lucky guy.. my daughter just turned 3 and i have a 5 month old boy.. both are huge!
Wow cute kids Jamie
Enjoy them they grow up so fast it seems like yesterday when mine were that size now I have two TEENAGERS !!!

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