My Horrible Weekend


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Apr 1, 2004
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So it all starts out this past Saturday when I come out to my car after working from 8am til 8:30pm and notice my head unit-radio is missing along with the trim piece that goes around it... Ya figure I worked at a mall notorious for theft and cars getting keyed for 3 years and not a scratch now I start a new job and this ? So the saga continues, as I am coming home from my aunts house after having Easter dinner-the roads are wet-and someone cuts me out and to avoid slamming into them I swerve out of the way and begin to fishtail. I start to gain control away from hitting the trees and I guess the momentum must have already had me going one way which ended up me slamming into a light pole, the air bags deployed and the car came to a stop.
The damage: I need a new hood, new front bumper, new radiator, new corner lights, new wheel wells, new airbags, 2 new cobra r rims, a new tire, and a few things that probably remain to be seen. Interestingly enough my new headlights don't even have a scratch on them nor does the chrome piece above the grill which I just replaced. I planned on a new custom hood and new corner lights anyway and also wanted to get my bumper redone(wanted to get rid of the front license plate holder)
But ehhhh what a weekend
Jim~~ Start looking for another mark........ THe damage exceeds the value of a 93 bud.......... Unless you want to rebuild it yourself, part by part -- parts alone, used at that, are somewhere around $2500+ for what you've described.

Im sorry bud.
Thanks but never another Mark 8 :L
The car has sooo much sentimental value to me.
Just a bump in the road, I should have it up and running with everything fixed and a bunch of mods done by late June-early July.
I planed on a new hood anyway as well as corner lights and new paint and such for the front bumper.
Such is life lol--live and learn-- :give

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