my 1964 Galaxie convert


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May 3, 2005
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(If you don't particularly care for old Fords, don't bother reading this.)

In 1969, I needed a car for my wife to drive to work. Her VERY PEPPY 1958 Pontiac Chieftain, 2 dr hardtop, pink/white, gave up.

So, I found a used 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convert, Pagoda Green (turquoise) with two tone turq bench seat interior, 352/250 hp 4V automatic, 46,000 miles. Paid $750, including a new valve job.

That car became our daily driver, no garage, here in sometimes snowy/icey/salty north Jersey. Car started to go downhill by the late 70's (rust issues).

I decided that, after considering selling her and buying a 57 DeSoto 2 dr, I'd keep her and fix her up. Convertibles were the dying breed at that time.

To make a VERY long story short (44 years long), here's what I've done to her over the decades.

Installed a used 352/250 engine back in the 80's. Replaced/repaired the rusty areas (fenders, bumper, quarter panel sections, etc). Also had the car repainted original color.

Found a "dead" 64 Galaxie 500XL 2 dr hardtop (black buckets/console/upgraded door panels and exterior trim).

Installed all the front interior pieces (buckets/console/door panels) in the convert. Took the back seatcover off, but couldn't use it (yet). 500XL model has a large chrome secton above the back seat, and the hardtop seat differs from the convert.

Found an XL convert in a NJ junkyard. Took the rear pieces I needed. Had the hardtop's rear seatcover trimmed and installed on the junkyard car's rear seat. Used vinyl spray to paint the side panels black to match the new front color.

In 2011, installed a new rebuilt 390/300. In 2012, had new interior seatcovers installed.

Car now has 216,000 miles on the body. Looks exactly like a factory 64 500XL. Not a big showcar winner, but gets a ton of attention and waves on the road and in carshows and a few trophy wins every now and then.

My other cars, beside the LS and Galaxie, are a 2003 TBird (purchased new, 21,000 miles), and a 2010 Ford Explorer.

So, long post, sorry, but that's about it.
I have tons of pics, but here's just a few:




July 4th parade, River Edge, NJ. Driving the parade Grand Marshall. Nice lady, 88 years old.




Parade was fun, but too much pressire.

What if the car stalls and doesn't start? Or overheats? Or starts to miss?

What does the 88 year old lady and her family (with a little kid) do on a 90 degree day?




Few new pictures taken, 2 under the GW Bridge, and 1 in Bear Mountain, NY.

Latest project, replacing the instrument dash cluster with a repainted unit including new plastic lenses and chrome bezels.




Dash project completed. Wasn't easy. Very little space to work under the dash especially for us "men of a certain age".

First pic shows the original TEMP/HEAT/FAN gauge on the right with the replacement (which I cleaned up) on the left.

All the gauges were discolored due to the car's age and sunlight.

Looks like new now, especially at night.




thats a gorgeous Galaxie... I've always loved 64's. Would love to own a hardtop/fastback 500XL
Thanks, Stangman.

I failed to note that I replaced the 3/1 rear end years ago with a 3:50/1.

Wasn't looking for a hot rod, but with the weight of the car and the old 352/250 hp motor, she was a bit sluggish.

With the new 390/300, she's a lot snappier than when she came out of the factory.

Downside, with 14" tires, the revs get a bit high on the Interstates at high speed, but worth the trade off.
I hear ya there. My dad has a '65 Fairlane 500 sports coupe w/ the 289 Hi-po and a 4spd... 4 wheel manual drum brakes and manual steering, still a fun car! 14" tires as well!
This month, the car turned 51 years old, and I've been the owner for 46 years.

217,800 miles.

Amazing how time flies.
Awesome looking
I have restored a couple 65 T-Birds including my favorite a turquoise (Frost turquoise) convertible. I totally get the passion we have for these cars. Funny thing is it's easier to bet parts for my old Firds than my newer Lincoln
keep enjoying the Galaxy!!!!

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