Mlara1129's C-List Finds

Depending what part of LA, 15-40 minutes.
Would you have any time or intrest in picking those up for me if I can work something out with the guy?

I need figure out if I'm going to keep my gen 1 Lse kit first though! Lol
I can help you out for the cost of gas. I dont have much room to hold them so they have to ship right away from the time I pick them up.
So whats the deal? Did he accept payment?

Payment accepted but I smell something funny. It was a Paypal transaction so I get my money back if he flakes out... Which I think he is. LOL.

Edit....just got a UPS tracking number. Maybe there is hope.

Update. The UPS website shows an arrival scan and a delivery date of 7/6/12.
*facepalm* I didn't go back that far in the threads when I got back to a computer after the weekend.
Woah, that one is wrapped in carbon fiver vinyl. Looks like 3M di-noc or whatever.

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