Missing a wheel cap

D Hook

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Nov 25, 2006
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Omaha, NE
Never came across this before. I looked at my front driver's side wheel the other morning and the cap was missing. Not sure if it left on it's own or if someone needed one more than I did.

Anyway, where does someone look for one of these? Ebay?
I'm placing my bet its snowflakes
If you go to a salvage yard, they're usually all in the trunk
Nope, not snow flakes. They're the directionals w/the 2 1/4" cap.

I did find some on ebay but if anyone has some they'd care to sell, I'd just as soon buy from a member. Let me know.
You're right. Chrome.

(Didn't even know they made the silver until I saw them on ebay.)
You wanna know what's hard (read: IMPOSSIBLE) to find? Center caps for the 1997 30th Anniversary Cougar :eek:
The car has the Mark VIII snowflake wheels with the inside spokes painted gloss black and plain centercaps with no emblems. My dad lost a center cap on the car one day and I put one of my extras that I had for my '96 on it just so it would have a cap. So now it has 3 plain caps and one with a Lincoln emblem in the center :lol: But I can't find those things anywhere.


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