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Oct 2, 2013
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moreno valley
Hey fellas
I currently own a 97 lincoln mark VIII. I love it but need a 2nd vehicle. My uncle has a cosmetically mint condition red 2004 cadillac DTS with 152k miles that i am looking to buy for about 3k. He has had it for about 6 years so I am pretty aware of how the car has been maintained and what has been replaced. He has been a automotive technician those 6 years so he always had access to a lift where he could do fluid flushes, tune up etc.

Right now the car is in his garage with a few problems. The most serious is the transmission seems to have a electrical problem. He said twice the car would not come out of 3rd gear until he pulled over, shut the car off and let it sit for a few minutes. This happen when the car was fully warmed up. The trans has had no other issues other than these two times. Any ideas on what would be causing this?

Also, the rear air shocks are bad. I am wondering what is the best replacement for these? I noticed OEM replacement is 400ish a pop for the DTS and about 200ish for the DHS. What brand is recommended? I would like to keep the oem magnetic but it's pricy.

The fuel gauge no longer works and reading around its most likely the sensor. What brand is recommended? Rock auto has about 3 different ones with prices ranging greatly.

After car sat it now has a misfire in cylinder one. I am pretty sure it's just a bad coil.

I hope I can get some good answers from you guys. This car is flawless and all the Electronics in the car work. Only options it doesn't have is Navi, heads up display and night vision. Other than that it is top of the line.

Thanks in advance :D

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