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IMO Cammerfe is spot on with his opening statement. Conservative democrats are virtually extinct today while liberal Republicans are alive & well on the political stage. Thankfully, Trump is a push back on todays scales. As for the God issue that's been interjected, Its said that folks that are believers must all have started out as atheists but at some point became aware of something bigger than them selves. On the other hand, I have read nothing on true believers evolving into atheists.
My father was wounded 3 times on the Russian front and he would tell you its true, NO ONE walks away from that kind of front line war looking down their nose at the idea of God's existence. So, hrmwrm, there still "may" be hope for you to expand your view of life. One of the problems numerous liberals have is the ability to put them selves in some one else's shoes so to speak. Its that stumbling block that makes my recommendation of books like this one,aps,173&sr=1-1-catcorr
almost moot. Despite the claim the author "was" a devout atheist. The Koreans have an ancient saying, You were born to die, prepare for it.
On the other hand, I have read nothing on true believers evolving into atheists.

really. they deal with that lie in here.

and a book to recommend.

religious fervor is dropping. a lot of religious people must be dying if they aren't leaving. numbers drop every year.
you don't evolve to be an atheist, you just return to your roots.

as i've stated elsewhere, if there was a god, religion wouldn't exist, because faith would be replaced with fact and it would speak for itself.
and everybody would KNOW the same thing.

So, hrmwrm, there still "may" be hope for you to expand your view of life.
my view of life is more expanded than yours, because it's not limited by a religion. one of the problems numerous conservatives have is a problem with facts so they can continue in blissful ignorance of truth.
still may be hope for YOU to be enlightened.

The Koreans have an ancient saying, You were born to die, prepare for it.
one fact right. yes, from the time you are born, you are on a path to your death. while sounding dismal, it's still unavoidable. for now anyway.
Good reply! The problem with it starts at the top where I say "true believers". Your definition of a true believer certainly isn't mine. The video was good for the most part but had some of that silliness that is just going to be there from the Bible box folks. Funny you should use a book by Mr. Loftus as an example. My wife and I had gone to a Church of Christ for nearly a year since friends of ours go there and we didn't care for it for mostly 2 reasons. They make a big deal out of Baptists baptizing later in life and they will not recognize Christmas as a holiday in the Church (because the Bible says nothing of it being a certain day). They just don't get it.....
Its not hard to understand the pure chaos that is in the Christian communities or other religious communities for that matter. They are so busy needle dicking the ink on the page that the spiritual meaning of our relationship with God flies on by without the faintest breeze of notice. The Human is a funny critter. When they have it good physically, the drive to seek a deeper meaning of ones life is put off for another day. And we all know were that can end up! Your boy up in the video is a super fine example of that. Here is a guy that claims to be exceptionally well read in a number of the world's religions. And yet he seems to claim there is no afterlife? He didn't say that but that is sort of an implication of his thoughts. This is the big parting of ways. The physicality of this world vs the non physicality ? of the next? That's the bull in the china closet that put your noted "religious" people back into atheism. And rightly so! IMO, until you have your own "spiritual"..... not religious experience, its a rather difficult road to express in a listener transformative way. You may say that we are gullibly imaginative and our DMT has been jacked up on some sort of steroids or some other dismissive ridicule and that's fine. Before my experience back in 1976, I would have been right along with you! I was brought up in a Greek Catholic Church and figured what a bunch of whack jobs running around kissing crosses and such! Try not to go and there was a special leather belt with my name on it! I HATED Church! Now I can see its purpose Right Wrong or twisted, It is a very, very frayed link to our spiritual nature that has been handily usurped by a whole lot of fast & easy materialism. Some day, science will in fact prove the existence of other dimensions as they are now tella transporting matter invisibly to other locations. The science of ghosts and other spiritual dimensions may move more along to the understanding of "Gods" creation. And in the end, God himself..... one way or another, I have faith in the drill! We all get a chance or more to learn it sooner or latter despite this passage or so say the reincarnationists. 13 For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
How broad is its context? Lets wait & see because either you have room for its possibilities or you don't at this very moment. Folks think destruction is a bad thing when indeed its part of the very fabric of life! Edgar Casey would say the un believers are simply made of splinter spirits in need of more life experiences. Who can argue over experiences being a bad thing? Its been fun.
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afterlife? reeincarnationists? stoneage myth. next you'll be preaching the earth flat.
but yes, destruction is the final outcome.
simply looking to the universe shows destruction as commonplace as creation. just one is gonna carry on longer than the other.

and i would think a minister was a true believer in his faith. just because it isn't your definition doesn't dismiss it.
more people every year are dismissing ancient stoneage myths, and it's about time. just look at the tribalism they create.
i think it about time to stop the general public from subsidizing them anymore too. start taxing their land and income.

as soon as you materialize your god, you can have tax free status. if not, then your just a bunch of charlatans aiding and abetting a cult.
One thing we can rely on is 'the worm' appearing at intervals to confound us with his superior reasoning power.

Or his ability to wander off into a fog. This thread started out to be about the lack of thinking ability of those who espouse liberal-progressive ideas. Somehow worm has missed the point and gone back to ranting about atheism. (head shake).

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.... to confound us with his superior reasoning power

While stupid people are mostly dangerous only to themselves, (the type that check belt tension while the engine is running, or pick up a running lawn mower to trim the hedges... Both true stories) ... The really dangerous ones to society are the delusional demi-god types that try to push their agenda on everyone. But what else would you expect from a liberal socialist humanist.

Destruction may seem to be the final outcome... But science has proven that destruction tends to lead to some form of new life.


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