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Oct 14, 2005
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How many ppl own one or have been in one here, I like the cars. Cobra motor, moded grand marque look, nice car. I had to laugh looked them up on ebay, check what ppl are bidding for these,Id lmao If they got them for what there biding reserve definetly not met. One is asking like 17k the biding is like 2k and theres like only 20k on the car,lol.
I had an '03 Marauder for 12 days before the dealership tried to do another contract so I gave 'em it back and took my LS back home. It was a great car, got up and kicked ass if you wanted it. Barely had to give it much gas and it was moving w/out any problem. Mine was a 300a, meaning it was the first of 'em. Had things like dual power seats, power pedals, clock, auto tint mirror, htd mirrors, pwr windows and yada yada.

Really enjoyed it while it was w/ me. Kind of happy the LS is back though cause the Marauder I had did not have the in dash cd changer and music is my life lol.

Here are the pics of it the day it came home:









Nice car. Unfortunately, around here, the only people driving them are State Troopers.
They are cool, but not all that quick. A stock Mark is quicker. Plenty of things you can do to them to get them to go faster though.
And good luck finding one that hasn't been abused. They're just like the mid-90's Impala SS- great looking; but warped and beaten and ridiculously overpriced...
Go to to see some very nice 'Rauders and not to mention, very fast at that. I am on the board aswell.

While I had it I managed to run it a couple of times and smoke the crap out of some cars, but it was more fun flying up behind ricers thinking they were at Indy or something and having them nail the brakes or downshift to slow and get off the road cause they thought I was a cop.
I was on cardomain and checked out a couple blown maruaders doing like low 12s, I wish ford kept making these or atleast update the vic/marque/town with the mustang GT motor with auto trans, basically that be a maruader to a T and would update the current 4.6 with some real power prob get the cars in the 14s no prob, Id buy one if ford make It.
Those Maruaders get really fast once you start modding them... the 03 heads are the best DOHC heads readily avaliable...
Oh yeah, no doubt they can be fast. I'm just saying from the factory they aren't that quick. Decent but not fast. A Mark VIII is decently quicker. I'd still take 2 :D
Yea, a few guys on the Marauder club have them in the 10's. I miss mine really bad, but the LS has its perks.
I see them time to time here and one or two for sale every few months, usually between $17-20K.
Do any of you guys know if the maurader has a 28 or 31 spline?

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