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Aug 6, 2007
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Don't know much about these SUV's, does anyone own one in this section or can you give me some information? Looking at maybe picking one up in addition to my LS. Gas mileage good? Reliability? Prices seems pretty reasonable for a V6 4X4 model. Any help is appreciated.
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Wife and I test drove it, very nice, but gets really bad gas mileage for a small SUV. Wasnt worth trading in the Explorer we had in on it because it only had 1MPG better. Instead we went witht he Edge and couldnt be happier. Good size SUV and gets 20+MPG all around which is mostly city driving for us with 270HP on tap.
my gf has one and its ok. she has the premier package awd. the v6 seriously lacks power, gas mileage is ok. it drives good, no probs so far. Now if this is something you would drive as well then dont buy it, you will get yourself killed trying to pass cars! NO POWER. i recommend the flex bit wait til next year when price lowers

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