Nice 'brows guys! IMO I think they look amazing on silver, the black that shows isn't that noticable to me when looking at the car as a whole, and I'm normally very anal (pardon my diction) about the small things :D
Mac, what did you do for the emblem on your new grille? Is it the original emblem from your old OEM grille?

I took a blow dryer to the old emblem & pulled it off, cleaned it up as well as it would & slapped it back on there.

Mac, I cant tell if you painted your grill or not. It looks like it by the way the mesh shines but the outer parts of the grille looks a bit dull?

I had it painted by Ken when I bought it, like his link shows.
Got those eyebrows from Ken as well. Ken, you still marketing those? (I know you had some heavier vinyl ones after this series.)
I don't carry the vinyl eyebrows any longer.

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