Matthew almost got my mark viii

Don Pfau

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Jun 7, 2010
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Fayetteville, NC
Saturday we got 14" of rain from hurricane Matthew. I ended with an average of about a foot of water in my yard. A tree fell and just brushed the Mark VIII.



WOW !!!! Im in Miami, and we dodged that bullet !!!! It was so intense and crazy, for three days it felt like an eminent invasion was on its way here , and then nothing ! We were supposed to take a big hit here, category 4, and by Gods grace, we were totally spared.

Nice color on that Mark, rarely seen ... Also love that Regal, is supercharged ? I been looking for one for about 2 years now, just haven't found the right one.
Thank you. I'm happy to hear you did well in Miami. Yes the Buick is supercharged. It is my Wife's 03 Regal GS with 68K miles on it. Still in very good shape. The house is fine and all of the cars just had wet carpet on the floor. Not to bad.
5am it wobbled just a hair to the East and we avoided a major hit inland (Orlando) and of course the coast. Absolutely insane.

Glad your Mark is OK.
I hope Don is still good, reports are of water still rising in North Carolina.
Thanks, but I'm good here. My yard no longer has any standing water in it. Still a little soft and mushy.
Glad to hear you made it through with minimal effects Don! We were good here in Columbia this year, but last year we had a lot of flooding around the house, including some getting in the floor of the Mark VIII. Thankfully no ill effects though. I pulled the carpet out and cleaned it up (last October), but still haven't gotten around to putting the carpet back in...

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