(Mark VIII on Craigslist) unreal


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Dec 16, 2005
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las vegas

This guy is a fool!

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII with the special FERRI KILLER engine by ford racing. I can personaly attest to that one, in fact my wife is still mad at me, she was with me at the time! The Last of the Mark 8 series, with all the final upgrades. this ia a 2 owner car, really pampered and use primarily for driving Vegas to Florida and Vegas to Mexico because it gets about 30 miles per gallon on distance driving. This Mark VIII has all the bells and whistles, everything that was offered on any Lincoln. and it is the apittamy of the muscle cars. at speed range this car lowers itself 2 to 6 inches for better areodynamics. All new tires, perfect body and paint. Never been raced, (proffesionally!) This is a very tight tolarance engine, This engine is no longer available to the public, only for racing purposes. This car still uses 5 wt oil, I have NEVER ADDED A SINGLE DROP OF OIL. just did the oil changes at every 2500 to 3000 miles. very unusual pearl paint. with white leather interior. This car is really hot, Hardy and fast! I know that these currently bring up to $10,000 but I need cash now, I can't wait for the right buyer. Must SACRIFICE NOW FOR $5975. call any time, 1-702-353-9559---
"engine by ford racing" .... "with all the final upgrades" .....

Well let's put it up to a 93 or a 94 and see what happens ... Well it does have the better tranny ... or and a nicer interior ....

But what else .... LOL .... So who has killed a "FERRI"

Rich, is that near you? Go to the dealer with a ruler and show him how low the car sits, then show how it can't possibly sit six inches lower.
I sent him an e-mail. I'm sure he won't be too happy. I have seen other ads that other members have posted but this one takes the cake! I cannot believe how foolish this guy must be. The sad part is that some young kid will probably buy it.
OMG I just called this guy. LOL someone call you will laugh ur a$$ off. Guy is so clueless and is DEAD serious, call, call, call!!!!

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