mark VIII LSC California has noticeably less power than my base model.


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Feb 27, 2022
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Hi guys. I recently found a real gem. Its a 98 Mark VIII LSC California car, Original owner, with 65k miles and its a collectors edition. Apparently there is an actual "California" model I was not aware of until I found this car. I have owned a 98 base model for 10 years. The base model is a beast compared to my LSC. My wife beat me by 2 full car lengths thru roughly a quarter mile "me in the LSC" I was gaining in the end but she left me off of the line. When you stomp on it the base will lite em up if your not careful but the LSC is like "ok I guess we can go fast. Just give me a sec" lol. I'm tempted to swap computers to see if its just a tune. Is anyone familiar with the California model and what the difference is?
To the best of my knowledge, the "California" moniker is simply a dealer dress-up, much like the "Presidential" and others.

I wouldn't recommend swapping PCMs unless by chance they have the same strategy or PCM catch code.

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