Mark VII Gauge Pod!


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Mar 26, 2004
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Prescott Valley, Arizona
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Its a Civis Pod that has been bent around a 90' Mark VII A pillar for a real tight fit. All you have to do is. Take the one screw off your a pillar. Put this on. Put that screw back on and it fits snug. You will have to make holes for the wires. . .

Black Gauge Pod (One Unit) $25
One AC Volt Gauge (8-18 Volts) $40
One AC Oil Temp Gauge (105 - 300 degreez) $50
Sold As Unit!

Prices are around that price. Can't really remember since I paid for them a long time ago. I went a different way. So, these are not needed. The gauges are white face and has red where the danger zones are. Blue lettering. . . Gauges and pods are brand new. All I have done is put them in the pod.

Best Offer!
hey sir, bend up another one for me but with oil pressure and a ammeter thanks a lot

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