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Feb 13, 2010
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Hey guys,

Mlara posted a CL ad for some wonderful Jag wheels I've been dreaming of for a while, but of course they are not even remotely close to me (Canada). I sent the guy an email, but haven't heard back.

According to the ad, they are located in Johnston, RI. Would someone be willing to please have a look at them, or call the guy to find out more details please? I would truly appreciate it, and I have no problem paying for the gas.


I live in Johnston, I can try to get in touch with him to take a look for you.

Please, that would be great, thank you! Just need to know the size of all four before anything else as they need to be non-staggered to fit. 19x8.5" on all four.
You can fit 9.5 in back as long as the offset matches the 18" zeus/vulcan wheels (offset 60 I think). I have no more room on the inside edge, but have a small amount of room on the outside edge with 285 35 18's (it never rubs). Whats the offset on those X type wheels?
IIRC the 8.5 are 49mm, and the 9.5 are somewhere in the low 30s. The seller also lists them as x-type wheels, while they are definitely not off an x-type lol.
i keep looking at this, and can't help but think they are staggered. One of the wheels looks more concave than the other.
Yeah.. two seem concave and smooth while the other two have are flat and have a sharper transition where the spokes meet. We'll see.

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