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Dec 15, 2022
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Broken Arrow, OK 74014, United States
Hello, I just wanted to do an introduction. One of my favorite cars of all time is always been the 81 to 89 first generation town cars. Particularly the 8184 before the facelift my favorite car is ever had was it a 1983 Lincoln town, car Cartier, and a white and silver with the moonroof and everything. I love that car but it got flooded and the insurance totaled it. Wish I had bought it back from them honestly. But since it was my all-time favorite car I’ve ever owned, I’ve thought about trying to find a 1981, pet 84 town car with the sun/moon roof on it. And painting it up and doing the interior white rice, old white and silver Cartier. Just because of the simple fact I would always like that car. Had a manual power antenna and semi automatic power antenna and it also had the factory amplifier. As to whether the stereo functions or not, the main thing is, I just don’t want any cut up wires. Only because those factory amps can be a pain to rewire back in. Poor could just go full custom I suppose. But the idea is to basically rebuild a car for Mays. He is from the early 2000s and have it again. So how does one really hope to find that at some point throughout the form. But because I’m poor and live on disability of $180 a month it’s gonna take some time to even save up for the base car. But some of the simple things I wanna do is painted up like mine redo it and have brand new leather seats on the upholstery new carpet , decent throttlebody upgrade to like a phi tech or Holly. I am electronic healing controlled injection to replace the ones on the factories that can sometimes be a little iffy. Anyways, that’s who Mays is and the idea is have for doing a tribute card to his favorite car that he’s ever owned. And basically live in northeast Oklahoma, the Tulsa metro area, which is broken arrow, precisely broken arrow, Wagner county to be precise. Anyways, hope to meet and talk with a lot of like-minded people. And I hope everyone has a great day and they don’t get back on the form before than happy holidays to everyone .

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