LSx Powered LS Swap Progress

Yo man sorry to say this but why the hell would you post and talk smak about a clean lsx engine swap? OK there's other engine swap opinions out there but did I ask you for your opinion or are you paying for my swap? You say "there is such an abundance of aftermarket parts available" (for Ford I'm guessing) em I going to need or use 20 different cams 10 different headers 100 different pistons, journals, I don't need your opinion boss. I would appreciate if you don't bark at the wrong tree. I work with Mustangs but I want a ls engine in my lincoln ls. Thank you for your concern.

Yo 1LoudLS that's what I'm talking about lsx is the new and improved swap haha I don't care what other people say or think if your with me your with me if not then kick rocks. Your the man.
I just need help on accessories and oil pan.
You're the one that came here and put your situation on display. If you want to S H I T in your engine compartment it's nothing to me---you'll simply have a S H I T T Y Lincoln LS.

Your display of butthurt-ness is in line with the rest of your posts here. If you don't want to read my comments, ignore them. But don't attempt to regulate my conduct by being aggressive. Get stuffed.

Grow up LSX engines look clean as hell. I don't know why you have to be such a hater I like ford and chevy, I like to mix things around. I'll put a coyote in my third gen camaro. Just chill if you don't have an answer to my question just keep stepping don't throw your opinion on a different engine. I mean it's cool if you help out with the question not just say there's different options out there that's cool I didn't ask that. If I did want a Ford or a jaguar I'll ask what do you think or help with jaguar engine swap. If you're going to be helpful thank you if not then just keep reading. Thanks for understanding.

^ this girl is just pissed at the world because someone shit in her cereal. An LS'd LS is close to the ultimate sleeper/daily. The OP probably stopped posting because he finished the car and is now too busy enjoying his badass ride.

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