LS Weight Reduction - Discussion Thread

Rear Window Regulators, wiring, mounting panel, and hardware : 7lbs each (14 total for both sides)
Rear Door Panels : 6.5lbs each, or 13lb for the pair
Front Door Panels: 10Lbs each, 20lbs for the pair.

Also scraped off about 90% of the sound deadening panels withing the interioir floor, wheel wells, doors, and Trans Tunnel. Threw it all in a box and I am at about 12lbs so far. I was surprised to see that much weight from just sticky pads. I still have the front doors, behind the dash, and tunnel padding to remove. Figure about 13-14lbs total in that stuff.

Car lost almost another 60lbs this weekend!


Sunroof Assembly: Track, Glass, Motor, Wiring and Hardware: 27lbs

Fabricating a custom delete panel using 5mm Plastic, L-brackets, SS hardware, and Exterior grade RTV. Will likely upgrade to carbon fiber or fiberglass panel in the future when the budget allows. (5lbs)

Great way to take weight off the highest point, pics to come.
For anyone still following this - I have removed the following so far - conservative estimates, car is probably 10-20lbs lighter than this as I haven't weighed every bolt/nut/bracket that has come off with these parts. Same with things like rear mufflers, spare tire tool kit, etc are missing from this list.

As of Sept, 2020 Reductions by category:
Engine - 76lbs
Electronics - 120lbs
Interior - 350lbs
Body/Chassis - 89lbs
Total - 635lbs

I estimate I probably have about another 100lbs or so of things that can still come off - Wiring is still in the car, that will be a good amount considering what doesn't need wiring anymore. Still on stock battery, all airbags still in and the RCM, power steering, ABS, stock glass (if I want to convert to lexan), and I am still running the Jag brakes which are another 40-50lbs heavier than stock. Might go with a custom BBK and lighter rotors to go the other direction for weight. THe OZ wheels I run are light, but I can likely find something lighter. If I just want to go straight, a front sway bar delete could help too - but I still love how she handles so likely wont do that.

I think the stock LS curb weight is 3700-3800lbs, unfortunately I didn't weigh this car in stock trim. Maybe someone else has and I can get a ball park estimate. Would love to get this car into the sub-3,000 mark and see how well it does with the stock drive train at that weight.

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