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    Apr 26, 2007
    Des Plaines
    Rear Window Regulators, wiring, mounting panel, and hardware : 7lbs each (14 total for both sides)
    Rear Door Panels : 6.5lbs each, or 13lb for the pair
    Front Door Panels: 10Lbs each, 20lbs for the pair.

    Also scraped off about 90% of the sound deadening panels withing the interioir floor, wheel wells, doors, and Trans Tunnel. Threw it all in a box and I am at about 12lbs so far. I was surprised to see that much weight from just sticky pads. I still have the front doors, behind the dash, and tunnel padding to remove. Figure about 13-14lbs total in that stuff.

    Car lost almost another 60lbs this weekend!



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