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    Oct 5, 2015
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    I have 3 LSes and only really need one! So I'd like to sell or part out the other two. Both are V6/autos. One is a butt-ugly dark grey 2001. Exterior is good. Interior is grey and has some tears etc. This car actually runs very, very well. Got great mileage out of it going to/from Yosemite a few years ago. Like 25mpg! Needs only a degas bottle to get back on the road.

    The other is a beautiful silver 2000 with black interior. Exterior is perfect except for a bit of damage on the passenger side curb paint. Interior is nearly perfect as well. Car is not running. When it does, the V6 is not as strong as the grey car. The auto tranny was slipping/acting up a bit. I drained the fluid but when I went under, I turned the wrong bolt and I think the first gear band may have dropped. :( I did replace several front end components including the sway bar. I think the fuel pump may also be non func.

    I am in California


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