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    I have a lot of parts for the one-off 96's including(4) ECM's. (2 1/2 sets)IMRC's,(5)VLCM's, interior parts for a saddle interior (console, center stack cover, other trim pieces) , correct engine covers with good tabs, radiator fans, Sniper tuner with bullets, HID headlight housings with OEM bulbs and ballasts, 5 or 6 sets of regular housings (fluted halogen units), 7 or 8 fuses for air pump/abs, other miscellaneous items.
    Sold my 96 to a buddy but I gave him the spares he'd need and I still have many of each item I've been scarfing up for 20+ years. If I don't get alot of response I have a buddy with an ebay channel and I'll sell then through that venue.
    If you have a 96 and plan on keeping it you will need backups to some or all of these since the 96 was unique, I'll do paypal too text me for what you want and I will get back to you.
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