Looking to buy 2006 LS 3.9 V8 need opinions of price.


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May 10, 2021
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Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Hey everyone im new here, im looking to buy an 06' LS tomorrow. Its off a dealer where I live, with vehicle price and doc fees all in is 4004, it does look like the crankshaft pully needs to be replaced like many other LS. Looks like the upper and lower control arms are done on front aswell. im curious what others opinions are. and on average how much people have spent on suspension components.


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Jun 12, 2012
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Somewhere around Lake Erie
Assuming you live in Canada... was this LS originally titled in Canada... or the U.S. ???

The reason I ask is because I have seen many vehicles tranferred across the border... and they magically lost 40k - 70k miles... sometimes more.

I found 1 Explorer Sport Trac a couple years back... that had less miles reported in the U.S. , than when it crossed the Canadian border. After bouncing around a few local dealerships... it ended up at a dealer near me... after a 4 year history in the U.S. So that last dealer had rolled back the milage even further that when it entered the country. Do the math on 4 years of driving... and the odometer was probably missing 100k miles.

Point is... buyer beware. Try to do a title search to see if it crossed borders, and try to verify the milage.

That being said...

Most of the factory suspension components for the LS are getting hard to find. There are 2 decent aftermarket parts manufacturers for control arms... and the upper/lower pair will run you about $250 (U.S.) per corner.

Most of the factory shocks are obsolete too... and the aftermarket shocks don't hold up, and they don't give the factory ride either. If needed... springs for the "coilover shock" setup will run about $100 per corner.

You didn't mention the milage (km's) on the odometer, so it's hard to tell what you may need. I suggest taking the LS to a Ford dealership or good independent shop... and have an inspection done, (if you haven't already).