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Nov 23, 2005
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Grand Rapids
I'm looking into buying a '97 or '98 Mark VIII, replacing my '95 Continental, but wasn't sure if there is anything I should look out for (cronic electrical failures, suspension, mechanicals, etc...). Any thoughts?
Search through the posts here...you'll see what the common problems are.
Make sure the HIDs are nice and bright and not foggy, make sure the neon tail lamp works, make sure the tilt power steering works. Check to see if the heat works good. Inspect the engine oil, tranny fluid, coolant, etc... turn the engine on and pop the hood make sure everything sounds clean...
...and as you drive it around, listen for the suspension air compressor to kick on and how often. It should kick on after you slow down to a stop after 55mph. Not at every stop light in the city or for that matter, very often after the suspension settles. Check out suspension compents for ripped open boots on ball joints.
Just out of curiosity, are you having a lot of problems or something with your '95 Continental? I ask because I'm looking to buy either one of those, a VIII or a Town Car next..
The cars are old already. If you don't love them and you think of them as just a car I wouldn't buy one. You can keep up a brand new corvette cheaper than one of these if you get a lemon.
mespock said:
What are the issues with the Blend Doors on Gen II's?

its just the lever that breaks on gen 2's but its only avil with the motor and about 2 hours labor if your good:D

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