Looking for Mark VIII Repair San Francisco


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Nov 18, 2007
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San Francisco
Anyone know of someone who works on the Mark VIII in San Francisco Bay Area?.. have not had good luck with Dealers.. Tnx.. Rob
dont know about s.f. area but im down in so. bay area san jose. quite a few places i know of. what you trying to get done?

Hi Rob:cool:,

Sorry about the late reply, meineke in redwood city has been very helpful, they do the coil conversion kit from americansuspension for $1000 buck with all parts and labor included. The gentleman that owns the shop has around 20+cars, all from Fords , from cobra's classic 70's-2000's, he knows alot about these cars and very passionate about working on them. small shop but good work. appointment is a must to get his service.but a very honest shop. check them out, not sure what you are wanting. He also has an after market shop in the area also for stereo,modification's,etc anything that you need done. hopefully this is helpful. Also check out the above entry for events in our area. good luck and happy hunting:D.

theres a guy on lod named J who lives in CA, might want to try to get in touch with him

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