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Aug 18, 2004
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The issue of building a 1/4 mile track is once again being discussed here locally. There was a large push back in 2006, that ultimately came up short due to close minded individuals on the local zoning board. The local racers are trying to bring the level of awareness up again. If you are a member of FaceBook, please take a moment to join the group ;)

Here is a little background info posted by a friend of mine. I do know both of the guys involved in the incident as well:

A certain incident that involved "street racing" has rekindled an awareness for needing a drag strip in our county

Watch the video too. Andy is a good friend of mine, as is Mike (who was not on the video, but was the other ticketed driver)

Now, this is not to condone street racing, but rather to give us an outlet to which we can enjoy our hobby legally. For those of you who aren't aware, a gentleman by the name of Greg Sanford was willing to foot the entire bill to have a dragstrip put in a small town just outside of lincoln. He had the land bought and everything. Only needed approval to have a motorsports complex built specifically. After a few hearings (one of which our own local forum flooded with members to show for support), ultimately it was shot down. Not only do I and many of my fellow peers/gearheads disagree with this decision, but we will not give up on trying.

I created this Facebook group to help raise awareness again that there is tons of support to have a dragstrip built. I understand that none of you will probably be local or effect you in any way, but I'm sure some of you car enthusiasts can understand our plea for something that many of us find necessary to have. There are a lot of benefits to having this drag strip built, one of the biggest being money pumped into our city/county/state.


Feel free to voice your opinions or stories!


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